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SUMMER FUN with slix-stix

This Fun technique is quick easy and very pretty.

The colors selected are ideal for beach wraps, T’shirts and canvas bags.
Completed Design

1 2

3 4

Step 1 - Using your wonder-tape, make 2 parallel lines across the front of your shirt or bag 3” apart.
Step 2 - Place a generous amount of white slix-stix paint onto a palette and using your fashion round brush make several white shell shapes in between the lines (see picture 1) Allow 5 minutes to dry.
Step 3 - Using Ming Rose paint additional shells OVER the area where the white shells are (see picture 1)
Step 4 - Use Purple taffeta to paint small shells in spaces between larger shells.
Step 5 - With tape still in place line up the wave section of the stencil along the edge of the tape and use Teal green to paint the wavy edge of the water.
Step 6 - Repeat the wavy line on the top of the design (see picture 2)
  Step 7 - Allow paint to dry then use any of the slix slix colors to add highlighted lines. Paint straight from the tube and make a dimensional line.
Step 8 - Paint this line down one side of each section of the shell or wave. This looks much better than merely drawing a full outline shape.
Step 9 - WHILE THE PAINT IS WET, use the fuchsia dust to sprinkle and sprinkle a generous amount of paint on the wet line (see picture 3).
Step 10 - When the paint is dry shake off excess dust. Dust remaining is washable (see picture 4).