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Items for this project
• BLACK shirt or jacket.
• Potted Poinsettia stencil
• Stay Put adhesive.
• 0597 Wonder Brush.
• 0587 Disp. Palette paper
• Knit sticker & painting pad
• Colorlite: 734 and 744.
• Spark-l-on: 450, 452, 454.
• JewelJem: 9555 Berry Red
Complete Design

Our wonderful NEW Poinsettia technique takes just minutes to create. Your instructor can show you how… Alternatively call her for the painting supplies you need and have a fun time, creating a shirt, apron, or decorative items for your home such as napkins, and table covers.

This technique although simple is amazingly effective when you use the straight edge of our stencil to create soft shaded blocks of color around your design. Whatever you paint the blocks can add shape and a distinctive design to all your projects

Place shirt board or painting pad inside of shirt and position knit sticker. Prepare stencil by dabbing the poinsettia section on one side with the stay put adhesive. Put Colorlite Red and Green paint onto palette paper.

1 - 2 3 4a

4b 5 - 6 7

1. On the right shoulder paint the poinsettia section of your stencil using a generous application of both red and green.
2. Lift up the stencil and then using the straight edge of your stencil apply red on the edge of the plastic then brush the paint OFF the plastic and over toward the poinsettia design stopping just before you reach the design. Leave the area directly around the flowers black.
3. Repeat the process in the center of the neckline, and then over to the left shoulder
4. Once the 3 sets of poinsettias are painted add the block effect making sure the center design is angled as shown in photograph #4b.
5. Finish your design by adding the enhancements as follows: see photograph #5
6. Using 450 warm sand add dots to the centres of the poinsettias.
7. Using warm sea spray outline one side ONLY of the green painted leaves.
8. Using Warm orange outline one side ONLY of the poinsettia petals
9. Finally use your Berry Red Jewel Jems to apply delicate lengths of dots
(see photo. 7)