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Look at our Halloween project .
It’s EASY and SO MUCH FUN to paint.
Just perfect for Halloween…!

List of items used with this technique.

Black “T” or sweat shirt, or tote bag to paint. Plus the following Tri-Chem products:

• NEW... Sycamore leaf stencil #1585  
• NEW...Colorlite paints 0723 copper
• Plus: 0729 White, 757 Orange
• 1205 Stay put adhesive,
• 0653 Painting pad, 0648 Knit sticker,
• 320 black and 398 Yellow spark-l-on,
• 0539 Stencil-on brushes. Optional for enhancement:
• 0236 Clear Paint.  Black dust#0767

This FUN technique is quick and very easy.

The colors selected are ideal for either dark or light fabrics. Ours is shown on orange fabric as the pictures are better to print.

Completed Design

1 2 3

4 5 6

1. Using your sycamore stencil, dab the reverse with stay put adhesive then create the 7 leaves in the position shown to the photograph on the left. Place paint on palette paper and apply with stencil brushes. Use shades of 757 Orange and 723 copper to make these leaves. Alternate some with copper to the outside, with orange on the inside and others visa versa.

2. Using the smallest stencil brush, add white 0729 colorlite highlights at the base of each leaf witch. Add white eyes, oval shaped, using white straight from the tube. Using copperstraight from the tube, give each witch a pair of boots as shown in the picture.

3. Customize each of the leaves in a different way. Review next 3 pictures before proceeding. Each leaf should be outlined with Black spark-l-on. Make hands and arms as shown, by defining parts of the leaf to give it fingers. Add a large black dot of black SLO in the eye, add buttons to boots, and give each of the leaves a witches hat, by adding a brim and painting the pointed part of the leaf black. Add a broom the large witch in the centre, as shown.


4. The 2 leaf shapes at the top right and left of your designs should be made to look like the moon. This is easy to achieve. You need to flip your stencil over to create the moon on the left side. Add an outline with black 0320 spark-l-on and as you do, create a mouth and an eye as shown here to the left.

5. When you create this witch, it is at a side ward angle, so add shoes facing inward toward the front of your design as shown. The arms should be pointed backwards to take advantage of the leaf shape. Add black SLO to define the arm shapes as shown here. Add a pointed hat, and mouths to all the witches. Smiley mouths for friendly witches, invert the mouth for a more scary witch and moon.

6. Using black spark-l-on draw a scallop shape around the neckline of your shirt. Draw lines from the neckline as shown here, starting the line where the scallop loops upward. Extend these lines to below the leaf shapes. Once you have the initial lines in place, draw another set of lines between the first set you painted.  

7. Complete your design by adding cobwebs in looping effect as shown here. Finish off the edges of your cobweb by joining up all the ends with a scalloped line of spark-l-on to complete the cobweb. Add spiders with black SLO. Add some Yellow spark-l-on lines to some of the cobweb sections as shown. Optional:  When dry: Paint spiders and hats with a thin layer of clear paint and sprinkle with black designer dust.