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GLASS VASE technique

Look what you can do in 30 minutes with a few elastic bands, a glass vase and
our fabulous Jewel-lite paint

Items used for this project.

• Glass vase or large candle
• 10 wide rubber bands
• Wonder-liner paint warm or cool
• 3-4 Jewel-lite paints either warm or cool
• Palette paper
• Sponge Brush

Completed Design

1 2-3 4-5

This has to be one of the easiest yet most effective techniques that you have ever Created using jewel-lite paint. Its PERFECT for classes with customers of all ages. Even youngsters can get perfect results. I'm sure you'll come up with lots of ideas for the technique.. Glasses, vases, jars, candles to mention just a few.

Step 1.
Use your 10 rubber bands to create your mosaic… stretch them across the vase and around the vase, overlapping in random shapes. You MUST use wide bands, as the spaces the band leaves when removed creates the mosaic shapes.
Step 2. Place 3 or 4 colors of jewel-lite paint onto palette paper. Pick up a generous amount of the 1st color and dab (don't stoke) paint onto vase, taking care NOT to push paint underneath the rubber band.
Step 3. Paint all squares -avoid having any 2 colors touch, in adjacent boxes.
Step 4. When painting is complete, blow dry with hair dryer (5 minutes) then cut off rubber bands. Alternatively you can remove them carefully.
Step 5. Using wonder liner paint and your fine line tip, outline the edges of every shape.