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Items needed:

Itemsin the 6020 packet listed above
PlusKnit sticker, and painting pad to hold fabric secure.

• 922Fashion brush. (optional)

• Horse shirt step 1tif
• Horse shirt step 2tif
• Horse shirt step 3tif
• Horse shirt step 4tif

This is an easy technique, which can be completed in lessthan 30 minutes.
Completed Design

2 3

4 5

This effective technique involves enhancing your painted BIG CATS transfer with an additional stenciled design.

Step 1. Put stay put adhesive on the reverse side of thehorse stencil.
Step 2. Position knit sticker and painting pad inside ofshirt so that paint doesn’t pass through to the back of the shirt fabric
Step 3. Place Kohl stencil-on paint onto a palette orpalette paper. Pick up a small amount of paint on your brush, and work the paint off onto the palette until yourbrush is almost dry. Use this dry brush to stencil 4 shaded horses as shown inphotographs 1 and 2.
Step 4. Using spearmint stencil-on apply paint using thesame dry brush technique using the wavy edge line from the stencil to create abase line representing a field of grass. Alternatively use 9302 Denim for thisstep to create a blue lake effect.
Step 5. Using Fantasy frost extender mixed with 347, 9301and 9302 to create various shades of color, apply these colors to cloud sectionof the stencil. Use ONLY the top part of the cloud NOT the bottom and createclouds as shown in photograph 4.
Step 6. Add definition to your clouds and base line by usinga small amount of Kohl stencil-on paint. Re-position the stencil in place andbrush kohl over the top 1&Mac218;4” of the painted cloud and base line.

Leave 24 hours to dry and cure completely then launder bywashing by hand or machine on delicate cycle in warm soapy water, turninggarment inside out. Iron on reverse. ENJOY!