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Using Tri-chem COLORLITEs paint

This attractive technique is quick and very easy. The colors selected are ideal for either dark or light colored fabrics. Ours is shown on light but this technique is stunning on dark fabrics too. The lady in the photograph is Elaine our telephone order processor!

List of items used with this technique.

  • 0653 Painting pad and 0648 knit sticker
  • Item to paint black or light colored
  • 1205 Stay Put stencil adhesive
  • 0320 Black & 0398 Gold spark-l-on
  • 9265 and 9264 Fantasy Frost

*New from our Fall 2001 brochure:

Available September 25th 2001

  • *1585 Sycamore Stencil
  • *0723 Metallic Copper
  • *0724 Metallic Bronze
  • *0728 24ct. Gold


Completed Design

1 3

6 7


  1. Put 4 colors onto palette paper, CL: copper, bronze, 24ct. Gold.
  2. Apply stay put adhesive to your sycamore stencil. Start at the top left shoulder and using smaller leaves, apply a small leaf with copper paint using med. Sized stencil brush. Paint around the outside of the leaf only and leave the center blank.
  3. Continue adding leaves, overlapping some as shown in step 1 picture.
  4. Alternate leaves using copper, bronze and gold. Add small slither of a leaf from your stencil to add to the edges of your design (see picture).
  5. Place FF: gold on your palette and use smallest stencil brush to fill in the center of your leaves.
  6. Cut a small square from a sheet of plastic #1881, or use the corner of your stencil for the next part. Put FF: taupe on your palette and using the largest of the 3 stencil brushes pick up paint and brush from plastic INWARD toward the leaf design. Make blocks of taupe color using a VERY light hand and small amount of paint.
  7. Finish by using black spark-l-on to paint a thin line ONLY on left side of design.