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This attractive bird feeder can be completed
in just 30 minutes using paper napkins
and Tri-Chem Chemage!

Items used in this technique.

  • Plant pot- clay pot (4” diameter across top)
  • Plastic ONLY if you cannot get clay pot.
  • Piece of natural colored raffia or garden string.
  • Paper cups (2), Scissors
  • FALL napkins set #5621 (use the leaf design napkin)
  • 0749 Sponge brush.
  • 0751 Tri-chem chemage glaze.
  • 0211 Vanilla stencil-on paint.
  • 0454 Warm Orange Spark-l-on. (optional)
  • 9583 Cowslip Jewel-Jem paint. (optional)
  • Plastic bag of peanuts or corn on the cob.
Completed Design

1. Using 0211 Vanilla and a Sponge brush paint a generous application of paint on the outside of a small clay pot. Allow to dry. This base application makes your napkin much brighter, when the chemage dries.

2. If you use a 3 or 4” diameter pot, one of the fall napkins will be sufficient to cover your entire pot. Tear the design and wrap all around the pot. IMPORTANT, your pot hangs upside down so position your napkin so that the leaves point down to the wider shown in the picture. When you have decided how to cover the pot, pour chemage into a paper cup and apply a coat of chemage on the pot.

3. Position napkin and then apply a second coat of chemage over the napkin making sure you don’t tear the napkin. When completely covered cut out a circle and place on the TOP of the pot ( where the hole is), Poke the stick part of your sponge brush in the hole to redefine the hole in the pot.

4. Sit the plant pot on a paper cup to dry. (this stops it sticking to the tabletop). When dry you can add jewel jem enhancements by adding beads and spark-l-on lines to outline and enhance leaves (optional).

5. Either feed husk of corn on cob through the hole in the pot or purchase a string bag of peanuts ( found in garden stores) the string of the bag will pass upward through the hole in the plant pot and can be hung using a small piece of raffia or garden string. Your pot will keep the nuts and corn dry and the birds will love your new painting idea more than you can imagine!