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Attractive Animal Print with COLOR FROST

This Fun technique is quick easy and very attractive and is ideal for, sweat shirts, T’shirts, and canvas bags. You can also trip a jacket collar or cuffs, the hem of a skirt or even a scarf for dramatic effect .
Completed Design

1 2

3 4

Step 1 - Using your masking-tape, make 2 parallel lines across the front of your shirt or bag 4” apart, then vertically to make boxes, (see picture 1).
Step 2 - Carefully tear VERY THIN strips of masking tape, making sure your edges are jagged and NOT straight.
Step 3 - Apply the jagged edge tape diagonally across your squares. To add interest to your design some strips should be shorter and not extend totally across the square, (see picture 2).
Step 4 - Place a generous amount (silver dollar circle) of rust, gold, orange and light green colorfrost onto your palette paper. Paint with 1 color at a time, daubing the paint in 1” - 1.5” diameter shapes filling in the black area of your design . (See pic. 3).
Step 5 - Once first color is added move on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th colors making sure you overlap each color only slightly. DO NOT work the brush back and forth, use a dabbing up and down stroke. BE sure to apply a generous amount of paint.
  Step 6 - When all colors are applied peel off your masking tape. (see picture 4)
Step 7 - Heat set when dry.