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CANDLE decoupage with Tri-Chem Chemage

These EASY techniques are fun for all ages and create totally unique candles  in 15minutes or less!

Follow our step by step instructions for great results that are easy to achieve!

The thin colored layer of your napkin can be applied to the surface with chemage, paint is added as an enhancement then the entire project is sealed with another coat of chemage for a durable finish that is safe to burn.

Items used for this project.

• White candle,
• Tissue paper Napkins
• Chemage,
• Sponge brush
• Palette paper
• Hint of gold paint #151  

Completed Design

Basis technique

Look at the colors in your napkin and think about how you can use all or part of it to create an attractive design on your candle or item. Think about adding paint to make it even more uniqueto your personal taste. Once you have your idea, lay it out over the candle to see how it is going to look BEFORE applying chemage. There are MANY different ways of decorating with our NAPKIN package. Here we explain 1 in detail. Next month in our Decoupage COLOR brochure you’ll see many other exciting ideas to share with your friends and customers.

Butterfly candle– A quick easy combination of paint and napkins make a summer statement.

Step1 - Using hint of gold paint make several free hand branches as shown. Make sure they are NOT too close together as you need space for butterflies.
Step2 - While the paint is drying, (move the process along with a hairdryer if you wish) cut out the butterflies with a small pair of scissors. DISGARD the back layers of tissue. You want ONLY the top colored layer for your project. Place a generous dollop of chemage, onto your palette paper and spread the chemage onto the candle in the area you intend to position a butterfly BEFORE you put it onto the candle. Once you lay the butterfly onto the chemage, using your sponge brush PAT, don’t drag another layer of chemage OVER the butterfly.
Step3 - Position ALL butterflies and then using your hint of gold paint, add antennae, and additional branches, leaves and berries to your tree, trying to create an oriental look. When paint is dry brush the entire candle with a final protective coat of Chemage for durability.