Craft Paints and Fabric Paints

Painting on Fabric (Fabric Paint)– You can use Softly Flo, Jewel Jems, Colorlites, Spark-L-On and Slix-Stix paints. Softly Flo paints are packaged in metal tubes with ball tip applicators. The paint can be applied directly from the tube to the item you are painting or you can remove the tip, squeeze out some paint and apply it with a brush. Featured on page 2, page 3 and page 4 of the catalog.

Jewel Jems paints create dimensional beads for embellishing your design as you squeeze the paint directly from the tube to the item you are enhancing. When the paint dries it hardens to give the appearance of decorative beads. Featured on page 6 and page 7 of the catalog.

Colorlites paints are the most vivid and intense colors we produce and are designed especially for use on dark fabrics. Apply with a brush and heat set using an iron for the best and most long lasting results. Featured on page 10 of the catalog.

Spark-L-On paints contain small, brightly colored glitter particles. These paints are perfect for adding a glittering enhancement to everything you paint. These paints which are applied directly from the tube are featured on page 13 of the catalog.

Slix-Stix paints is a dimensional paint which can be applied directly from the tube or with a brush. It is a very versatile paint and appears on page 14 of the catalog.

Painting on glass, plastic and other hard, nonporous surfaces – There are three styles of paint suitable for this application. You can use Jeweltone, Jewel-Lite and CreamSilk paints. Jeweltone paints are the least viscous and allow the most light to shine through. They are ideal for sun catchers. Just squeeze the paint right from the tube into the cavities to create a beautiful design that looks like stained glass. These paints are featured on page 12.

Jewel-Lite paints are more viscous and are designed to be applied with a brush to vertical surfaces such as windows without dripping. Light will pass through the design but less than what passes through a design painted. These paints are featured on page 8.

CreamSilk paints are the most opaque and allow very little light to shine through. These paints are applied with a brush and are featured on page 9 of the catalog.

Painting on wood and other porous surfaces- There are two styles of paint specifically designed for these applications. They are Woodtone and Stencil-On paints. You can also use any paints described above for use on fabric. Woodtone paints provide earthy, “look like” wood finishes. They are applied with a brush and are perfect for picture frames, small unfinished wood furniture and other home décor items. They are featured on page 11.

Stencil-On paints are perfect for completing your project whether it is stenciling a design around a door frame or applying a small enhancement to a piece of furniture. These paints should always be applied with the specially crafted Tri-Chem Stencil brushes.