Create your own unique garment for a fraction of what it would cost in a shop. Most Tri-Chem paints are designed for use on fabric and will retain their color and brightness after repeated launderings. Click on the following page number to see our colors and styles of fabric paint.

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We have a large line of Iron on Transfers that will allow you to select the design that is just right for you. You transfer the design from the transfer sheet to the garment by using an iron. Complete instructions are provided with each transfer.

Click here to view our Transfer designs.

When you receive your transfers and paints you can create a beautiful addition to your wardrobe that will be the envy of your friends.


You can add design flourishes to just about any permeable surface such as wood, walls, etc. To view our line of stencil paints and accessories click on the following page numbers.

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To view our line of stencils which include designs from the basic to the most sophisticated, click here.


Create your own work of art. Generally SoftlyFlo paints are used on pictures. You can see the colors available by clicking on the following page numbers.

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You can view the pictures in our portfolio by clicking here. All pictures include instructions.


We offer three types of paint designed for use on glass, plastic and similar surfaces. Jeweltone paints are designed to let the most light shine though the object that is being painted.

Click here to see the colors in Paint and Accessories catalog.

Jewel-Lite Colors are more opaque and are thick enough to allow painting on a vertical surface such as a window without dripping. Click on the following pages to view these colors.

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CreamSilk colors are the most opaque, allowing practically no light to shine though the object being painted.

Click here to see the wide assortment of colors that are available.

Want to add some color to those windows in your kitchen?

Click here to view our large selection of Sun Catchers.