About Us

Tri-Chem paints are formulated in 12 different families,
SoftlyFlo plus the 11 listed here!

  • Glittery Spark-L-On paint.
  • Slix-Stix the dimensional paint.
  • Magical Jeweltone Sun Glo paint for stained glass effects and suncatchers.
  • Pearlescent look paint Fantasy Frost.
  • Amazingly creamy Stencil-On paints.
  • Jewel-Lite our newest paint that paints directly onto upright windows, vases, etc.
  • Colorlites and Colorfrost amazing paint for dark fabrics. Just one coat will do it!
  • Jewel Jems formulated to create a terrific beaded effect on your fabrics..
  • CreamSilks Grease Paint that leave a matt, opaque finish.

Tri-Chem's artists produce many new designs each year that come as unique self shaded transfers, multiple use intricate stencils, preprinted pictures with exquisite designs and easy to follow step by step instructions to paint.

We also go to great lengths to provide many different painting techniques and ideas and all the easy to use accessories to make painting a real fun and simple task.

Tri-Chem is indeed a one stop shop for any one who ever desired to paint something beautiful but was afraid to. Millions of happy Tri-Chem users in the U.S. and over 50 countries have learned the simple Tri-Chem painting techniques in classes conducted by Tri-Chem trained Instructors. Classes are free.


Tri-Chem has also provided thousands of individuals the opportunity to become Tri-Chem Instructors. Tri-Chem is most proud of its Instructors world wide. They are the key to building the colorful world of paintcraft. Instructors with Tri-Chem have the most fun. They earn money while they enjoy teaching their favorite hobby. The hours of work are absolutely flexible... a great way to add to family income and have fun at the same time. Tri-Chem Instructors also have the opportunity to grow to managerial position. As manager, they lead others, enhance their compensation and win other awards that vary from country to country.

You can start as a customer of Tri-Chem who just wants to learn to paint and move on to becoming an Instructor. Or if you like, you can start as an Instructor right away. Tri-Chem and its distributors throughout the world provide Instructors training. No prior experience in painting is required.

If you need to have more information, please contact us


Tri-Chem products and teaching methods are so fabulous that they have had a phenomenal growth throughout the world. Tri-Chem was recently awarded the U.S. Presidents prestigious E Award for excellence in international business. The countries and the cities of distributor location are given below.