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Craft Paint and Fabric Paint

Craft paints, fabric paint and other craft accessories are the products that Trichem manufactures and distributes. Trichem is located in Belleville, NJ and all our craft paints are made in the USA. Tri-Chem was founded in 1948 has a line of over 270 paint colors, stencils, iron-on designs, and accessories that are distributed and sold in over 50 countries worldwide.

You can learn more about our craft paint and other craft products by clicking on our catalog page. To learn more about Trichem, click on About Us. To place an order now, go to our shopping cart. When placing an order, please provide your local instructor's name at the end of the order form.

Visit our Specials page to view all the items that are on sale this month. Order a set of our craft paint and accessories by clicking on the catalog image on the left of each page or email us at [email protected] and we will either advise you of the distributor address for your country or if we do not have a distributor provide details of how you can place an order directly with us. Check out how you can make money selling fabric paint, craft accessories or craft paint products. We are always looking for new distributors to supply our paint products in your country.